The VeeVees

The Veevees

There was a time when rock and roll wasn’t just another musical genre, it was an attitude. A way to give voice to the voiceless in times of despair, passion, heartbreak, and rage. It was the limbo that guttural sex and violent drug abuse danced in through a reckless journey to a loud decay. It was a beautiful bomb.
As Dylan would say, “the times they are a-changin’”. And although it’s not likely the world will ever see another Hendrix or Zeppelin, there are still those who believe in the dark glory days of rock.
Yearning for those dog-days is The VeeVees. This two man rock band from Brooklyn has little concern for anything other than creating raw, truthful, visceral music. Frontman Garrett Cillo first met powerhouse drummer, Andrea Belfiore, at an underground masquerade on Halloween night in New York City’s Chinatown, circa 2011.
Cillo, being an avid songwriter, was immediately drawn to Andrea’s incredible adaptability with any composition thrown his way. The duo hammered on, quickly garnering an exciting ten song set. From that set, the band pushed for their debut EP, hooking up with versatile Producer/Engineer Ben Rice of Degraw Studios. The VeeVees along with Mr. Rice arose from the studio with a strong debut aptly titled, “Tell Me It’s Electric”.
The sound of the EP emulates a grooving, infectious and heavy nature, setting an exhilarated mood. It’s one you can turn on late at night in the confines of your own bed to visualize and replay your own personal fantasies. This original soundtrack seems to be the mere kickoff to a long, prosperous journey among The VeeVees’ rocking vessel. If “Tell Me It’s Electric” is any indication of what’s to come for these vicious Brooklynites, then hold on to your sanity and keep your arms and legs inside the coaster at all times.
Their debut EP, “Tell Me It’s Electric” was released August 10, 2012.
On April 2013, after hearing the song ‘BRUNETTE BABE’ from a Phone video, producer Roy Hendrickson (which credits include Paul McCartney, James McCartney, Mary J Blige, POD, Cheap Trick) asked the band to record the song the following day. The VeeVees recorded ‘Brunette Babe’ in legendary Studio A at Avatar Studios in New York City.

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